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Please LABEL each section of your work in the discussion.

Health. Please respond to the following: From the two countries (2) you have selected for the assignment ( HONDURAS & MEXICO)

1) What specific problems and recent improvements are associated with healthcare in each country? (Explain two or more problems). A one or two sentence answer is not sufficient.

2) How does each country’s healthcare system impact at least one factor you have chosen (in each country). For example, how does the lack of access to medical facilities in Venezuela contribute to poor school attendance for rural children? Or In what ways has better training for medical assistants added to an increase in healthier pregnancies for women in urban areas?

3) You must provide at least 2 References (properly formatted and cite–do not just add a URL address, your reference must include, ( the title of article/book/document; the author, the date and URL address).

Class, this week’s topic is one of the most important that we will discuss during this entire course–HEALTHCARE. At some point in our lives we will need some form of health care. In developed countries, there is access to health care for everyone–of course the level of care does depend on whether you have health insurance or enough money to cover health care expenses. In many developing countries such as India, people with money have access to health care much more readily than poor people. In addition, health care in India is not as tightly regulated in many areas, leaving the poor to deal with inadequate or even predatory health care “professionals.” Please review and post your thoughts about this very important topic.

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