Software Implementation

Individual: Training and Support Paper

Resource: Ch. 13, “Systems Implementation”, from the “Documenting the System” section to end of the chapter.

Write a 3-page paper that explains the importance of training and support after software is implemented. 

Describe the methods whereby training materials can be delivered to the users of the software system. 

Explain the ways in which software can be supported after it is implemented/released.

Incorporate additional research or academic information to support your paper.

Format your paper according to APA guidelines.

Importance of training and support after software implementation

User training is an often term in a new software system implementation. Conversely, more often than not, business leaders opt out of ensuring the learning sessions for their staff. Since most people currently are tech-savvy, business leadership is the opinion of the employees learning how to use the system at personal levels. Unluckily, this manner of thinking derives more complications in the course of the implementation process and after.  

Enactment of a new regime to an organization is a substantial alteration for most staff. In most occasions, improved elucidations integrate enhanced processes, buttons, tools and new sections that motivate long run business productivity while minimizing the chances of human error. However, it is not promising that employees will be on the same page when learning at individual levels, which may prevent companies from realizing the efficiencies (Hu et al., 2014). The top management is tempted to blame the system provider of the software for a deviating performance from the planned. However, software exposes all its benefits if properly employed.

Consequently, training investment allows the realization of IT benefits to business. Offering training ahead of a system’s enactment, offer the employees with the opportunity to familiarize with the processes while solving any problems with the system. Training solves any change resistance by the employees (Warren, 2012). Further, teaching eliminates possible problems, unnecessary errors, misunderstandings and any doubts among the staff of a given department. Finally, lessons aid in the implementation of new systems within a company while ensuring maximum efficiency right from the beginning. The providers of an IT system may offer a training session to the proposed user (Thum et al., 2014). Additionally, the providers may provide support upon the implementation just in case the employees have any concerns.

Training delivery methods and software support

A software vendor is beyond a mere seller of a given product. It is worthy to consider how a vendor will consistently support the business after the sale has been executed. Even after the most successful installation, the staff members may encounter some roadblocks within the daily operations. The vendors should be available to the employees to secure software training with regards to distinct circumstances and needs (Sykes et al., 2014). The training and support model may combine more options so that the employees and the administrators may harvest optimally out of the technology investment…..

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