Statement of Purpose

For applying university for Sociology major

I have:
Master in criminal justus 

BS. in Psychology

some courses i took in CJ:
Criminal Law The:Def
Police Management System
Judicial Seminar
Contemporary Corrections
Criminal Justice Administraion
Law Enforcement
Community-Based Corrections
Innovations and Law Enforcemen

Work Experience:
Administrative in school
Coordinator/ Trainer in Down Syndrome Association

4 months of clinical rotation in psychology at hospital. It was based on many experience in both the psychology and psychiatry departments,
I was trained on many therapy types:
• Psychotherapy
• Cognitive therapy
• Behavior therapy
• Play therapy…


Arabic and English, can read, writes and speaks fluently.

internatonal student

Student Name

Professor’s name



I am a holder of Masters in Criminal Justice with a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology aspiring to enroll for a Sociology Major at the University. I believe that my skills in psychology will be enhanced and polished.

 Having studied Psychology in my undergraduate and Criminal Justice during my Masters, I feel well equipped with the skills and foundation to major in Sociology. In my master’s program, I took various courses, including Criminal Law, Police Management System, Judicial Seminar, Contemporary Corrections, Criminal Justice Administration, Law Enforcement, Community-Based Corrections, Innovations, and Law Enforcement.

During my undergraduate program, I was able to explore the depth of a human mind and behavior in the sociology. With this in mind, I realized that it is almost impossible to disintegrate human from the society. Also, many truths of psychology would remain unintelligible without a comprehensive idea about social relationships, behaviors, and activities. As a result, I preferred to major in Sociology…

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