Statement of Purpose

Your statement of purpose should have a coherent message that develops a controlling idea through the use of concrete details. Your controlling idea/claim should be supported through a logical structure that arranges and connects your paragraphs together in a persuasive manner. In general you should show the reader rather than tell the reader by analyzing specific examples and salient.

Looking back on my childhood growing up in Tianjin makes me reminisce the start of my educational journey that has taken me halfway across the globe. Credited as the third largest metropolis in China, Tianjin exposed me to a diverse culture albeit it being predominantly Chinese. As it is heralded as a city with a rich cultural history, my early academic years in Tianjin helped me develop a passion for studying other foreign cultures. My educated parents, having spent the entirety of their lives in their Tianjin hometown, have provided invaluable moral and financial support a factor that enabled to make the bold decision to further my studies in America.

            After successfully completing my high school studies and excelling, I got the chance to pursue higher learning. I had long harbored a desire to undertake my undergraduate’s program away from my motherland, which motivated me to send my application request to Santa Monica College in the United States. My successful application and subsequent admission into the reputable institution was a revelation to the extensive power education had on an individual’s life. Recently, I got the chance to join the University of California in San Diego from Santa Monica College, a transition that represented another significant milestone in my educational travails. I have gained immense academic knowledge during my five-year stay in the United States. However, my social life outside…

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