Storage Systems Assignments For 15

Q1. You are attending a meetingwith several colleagues discussing how to add network capacity to a remotebuilding (500m). A more senior systems engineer suggests using fiber channel,as that is what your company has throughout. Another coworker suggests iSCSI. In your opinion, who is right and why?

Requirement: 650 Words

Deadline: 12 Hours.

Q2. Assignment:

a) Howdoes iSCSI handle the process of authentication? Research the available options.

b) Whydoes the lossy nature of standard Ethernet make it unsuitable for a layeredFCoE (Fibre Channel over Ethernet) implementation? How does Converged EnhancedEthernet (CEE) address this problem?

c) Comparevarious data center protocols that use Ethernet as the physical medium fortransporting storage traffic.

Requirement: 2 – 3 Pages

Deadline: One Day.

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