Film & Theater studies

You should spend 30 focused minutes on the topic and just let your fingers type and your brain just expel all thoughts.*** 

Focus on the idea of storytelling. 

What is good story telling? 

What does it do for you? 

Why is it important for society? 

How does storytelling differ for different mediums and formats? (short films, movies, books, photographs… etc.)

A story can be said to be an actual or imagined description of events that explain an experience. Storytelling involves a personal description of the event to generate a memorable image in the listener’s mind. In particular, it uses language and acts to define series of actions and evoke the listener’s thoughts. Storytelling remains a critical mechanism since verbal communication develops by a human being. In conveying a message or knowledge of any kind, telling a story remains as one of the influential and more appealing and attractive tools. Storytelling offers us a profound approach into the ancient times, current and anticipated times. The skill of telling and the act of listening to stories make human beings express their understanding of humanity and make it sensible. Telling a story makes it a vital characteristic in that a person communicates in a natural way. Stories are the mode of communication; they educate, train, and entertain. People tell tales or stories to friends or colleagues as a way of conveying their cultural beliefs, society, and olden times. A good storytelling makes the listener interactive. The audience reacts and adapts to the story so quickly. It creates a physically powerful connection with the audience. The tellers use facial expressions, look direct into the listener’s eyes, and also use gesticulation and body movement to interact with the audience and improve the storytelling, as well as make the audience comprehend the story better…

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