Strategic Fit theory

Strategic Fit Presentation

Review Chapter 2 of Concept of Strategic Fit. (file uploaded)

Create a 5-slide presentation of the Strategic Fit theory.

Include the following in your presentation:

  • Introduction
  • a brief history of the theory
  • contributing theorist’s work
  • applications of the theory
  • References

Format your reference slide consistent with APA guidelines. 1 reference source is uploaded with order, and pick 1 other easily accessible legitimate source.

Please insure that:

1 – PPT presentation summarizes the findings and is clear and to the point. The format is well organized and professional.

2 – Spelling is correct and the punctuation is accurate, even creative, and guides the reader through the text easily. Grammar and usage are always correct and enhance the writing clarity and style.

3 – Covered all of the content concepts requested.

4 – Both Introduction and Reference slide included. Properly formatted in APA format.

5 – No less than 5 slides.

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