Strategic Human Resource Management for High-Tec Co. Case Study

According to the case study, High-Tec Company is a fast growing organization expanding quickly in South East Asia. Similar to other fast-growing firms, it faces various challenges concerning human resources, such as the increase in the size of the company. Here, High-Tec Company will double or triple in size and as such will generate a deficiency of adequate skills and systems. As the company grows, the environment changes since more companies are entering the industry and thus the company needs to stay as alert as possible in dealing with the dynamics through the employment of various human resource strategies (Collins and Clark). Other challenges that the fast-growing company faces is the constant turmoil among the employees due to the increase in employee turnover each year. Employees are unfamiliar with one another and eventually, it affects the decision-making process and implementation.

As such, as a human resource manager, it is my role to find solutions to the above issues and others such as talent management and its conflictions. Observed at proximity, the company also faces a problem in learning to balance the talents within the organization on a local and international level to merge with the rapidly growing environment. Due to the constant employee turnover at High-Tec Company, there is the emergence of different cultures, which pose a problem in the organization. The Chief Executive Officer needs to portray a reliable chain of leadership characterised by communication and effectiveness of quality.  Without the proper leadership, human resources cannot function, as it should, thus, it requires the participation of not only the Chief Executive Officer but all members of the organization as well (Kraatz and Zajac).             It is also crucial to be aware of the organizational environment of High-Tec Company before developing a suitable strategic human resources management plan. The company depends on its internal and external environment for resources, information, and most importantly, the environment determines what the company will produce and in what quantities. Their alterations have an effect on the organizational structure of the company and depend on the supply of resources, concentration of elements of the environment, homogeneity, and heterogeneity (Anderson and Tushman). Thus, High-Tec must clearly divide and distinguish which factors lay in its internal and external environments to promote the organization of structures…

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