Strategic Management in Healthcare

Question One

The most important changes that are likely to affect the healthcare environment are demographic and economic. Experts note that the changing demographic composition of the United States and many EOCD countries is an important factor for policy makers to consider. Ageing populations can cause acute shortages in the workforce, increase pressure due to the number of patients with chronic diseases, and affect the income distribution of a society. For instance, as the Baby Boomer generation attains retirement age, the U.S. healthcare sector expects to lose more than 10 million nurses.

Environmental analysis refers to an evaluation of the internal and external factors that affect a business. The same could be done through a variety of methods such as SWOT analysis, PESTEL analysis, five forces analysis, or value chain analysis. The purpose of an environmental analysis is to gain situational awareness of the business. It allows policy and decision makers to find ways to foresee and avoid problems that may affect the business…

Question Two

Organizational culture refers to the behaviors, values, attitudes, and practices that define a company. Organizational culture may be implemented in the strategy of a firm in a variety of ways. For instance, a company that exists in a rapidly changing technological environment may inculcate a culture of innovation. A healthcare company that exists in an environment where customers demand high-quality facility could implement a culture of excellence in service.

The argument that organizational structures follow strategies implies that the composition and relationships in a company reflect the strategy of the firm. For instance, a company whose strategy is to provide high-quality services could employ many quality assurance officers and give ample power to that department. It reflects their values and strategic focus as a company. However, in some cases, the strategy of the firm could be driven by the structures. For instance, a firm that focuses on its operational aspects could create structures that propagate this strategy…

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