Strategic Marketing in Healthcare

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Look up two articles online that discuss the concept of strategic marketing in health care.

There are many factors within a healthcare organization and within their communities, region, economic and political environments that impact how they plan and operate. Think of a healthcare organization you know of that has made some significant changes within recent years. Describe one or two changes that you noticed and why you think those changes became necessary in reference to what was stated in the two articles that you read.

According to Santilli and Vogenberg (2015), the United States healthcare system has undergone various changes following the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010. Consequently, market changes have continued to emerge beyond the ones in play causing the healthcare organizations to adjust their marketing strategies to meet these changes. The changes that have occurred in the healthcare system in the recent years include the growth of structured quality measures, patients becoming more informed consumers, the development of new and alternative provider models, and revenue driving consolidation.

One of the healthcare organizations in the U.S that has made significant marketing changes in the recent years is McKesson. Today, the healthcare services consumers within the country are more informed thus, seek healthcare independent from their employers (Whitler & Greenfield, 2015). Healthcare marketers are, therefore, expected to determine their customers’ preferences and create products that are relevant to their needs. McKesson has partnered with Change Health to help customers in addressing the multifaceted clinical and financial problems. Moreover, the partnership is aimed at creating innovative new solutions to the customers.

Another change that the company has made is the development of biosimilars in the United States. Although the company is one of the leaders in the distribution of specialty drugs to physicians and other healthcare providers, the organization aims at introducing new categories in the market. Moreover, the organization has added physicians to the US Oncology Network with the aim of providing advanced-technology evidence-based customer care to the customers. Evidently, strategic marketing plays a critical role in enabling the healthcare companies to address the changing needs of their customers…

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