Strengths and Weaknesses in Leadership

you are to develop a Personal Leadership Action Plan (PLAP). One of the components required in the PLAP is that you give a critically reflective and candid evaluation of your current leadership strengths and weaknesses. Give an overview or summary of the strengths and weaknesses for other students to read.

As such, frame your discussion in a way so as to invite observations, recommendations, and feedback from other students. It’s one thing to present a self-evaluation. However, observations from others gives a more objective view of your leadership abilities and leadership effectiveness.


One of my key strengths as a leader is the ability to engage consensus and delegation. In this context, I perceive that the willingness to work with experts and offer responsibilities to people who have the ability to perform is a sign of strength. I focus on what I am able to perform, and accept help with those with expertise in the area. Another strength I possess is the capacity to improve engagement. Such capabilities have enabled me to encourage subordinates to focus on their strengths and ensure that their engagement at the team level helps them improve individually. Fundamentally, research confirms that employees become engaged if their leaders focus on developing and supporting their strengths (Sweetman, Ulrich, & Smallwood, 2007). I associate my leadership strengths with the ability to engage effective teams. Subsequently, I am able to identify and engage individuals’ strengths while at the same time considering their interests and goals. The approach has enabled me to always work with a diverse team that has a range of strengths, skill sets, constructive attitudes, and cultural values. As a leader, I admire innovation, and this has made me encourage creativity within the teams I lead. The approach has allowed me to confidently delegate and pass on responsibilities to the members of the team.


Focus on building effective teams can be detrimental in some instances. I feel that increased emphasis on perfection can be boring and this can limit individual productivity and the organizational performance. Additionally, I feel that one of my weaknesses is depending on too much consensus. Ronald (2014) review shows that in situations where leaders depend on the opinions from the workforce, they can compromise decision-making as they try to accommodate all stakeholders. Additionally, this might compromise the overall goals of the team as personal opinions can be varied.


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