Success and Failure Stories

Junior High Project          

The project focuses on the minority groups who have an interest in art as well. The project has brought together people from the LGBTQ community, immigrants, and teens. However, it has not been successful because of the lack of a stable source of funds. In fact, the project starts at zero balances each month. The founder has to work incredibly hard during the month to cover the monthly expenses. I like their presentation, but they should try to minimize their costs. For example, they could look for a smaller space that would cost them lesser rent than it is at the moment. Also, the amount spent on renovations each month is relatively high. Cutting on costs will help reduce the pressure at the beginning of the project. These amounts can be reviewed as the project progresses.

Natural Elements Series The project focuses on the presentation of art that is inspired by nature and abstract composition. Although resin is expensive, I like the decision to work from home. The choice minimizes extra costs that would be incurred in a rental space. The decision to focus on the expensive material used to develop the final product is thoughtful as opposed to increasing costs by incorporating unnecessary flair in the project…

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