Supply Chain Management

FoldRite Furniture Company Case: What is the main issue in this case study? Do not summarize the case study; tell me what you think is the primary issue and why.

The supply chain management is the process that integrates manufacturing operations, purchasing, transportation, and distribution of products to the consumers. To meet the market demand and consumer satisfaction, the supply chain must be a seamless process. It includes embracing the links that exist between different partners that include vendors, transporters, third-party suppliers, and information system providers (Lu, 2011). The FoldRite Furniture Company situated in Aurora; Colorado specializes in production and marketing of folding furniture. The demand for the company’s products is seasonal. The demand for folding chairs was high in the summer months, and folding chairs were also highly demanded during the holidays. The company has in the past experienced a surge in demand in May and increases its shipments to dealers around April. In 2010, the demand was unexpectedly high. Resultantly, there was a need for a new strategy to meet the unprecedented demand for production and engaging extra labor.

            Croxton, García-dastugue, Lambert, and Rogers (2001) states that demand management entails balancing the consumer requirements with the firm’s supply capacity. The issues faced by FoldRite of unprecedented increase in demand show that the supply chain management lacked appropriate measures to forecast demand and synchronize it with production of the goods, accusation, and distribution. Croxton et al. (2001) further states that demand management integrates all business processes that are influenced by the manufacturing capacity. Additionally, demand management involves determining sources of risks and implementing contingency plans when the supply chain operations are interrupted. From this perspective, manufacturing is a vital aspect that affects the whole supply chain. The failure to forecast demand and synchronize it with production limits the effectiveness of the supply chain…

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