Tattoos and the Millennials

The world has had several generations such as the baby boomers, the silent generation, generation X and the millennials. Of all of them, the millennials are considered the most unique and socially diverse (The Nielsen Company, 2014). This generation is characterized by increased social connections through the use of the internet and their mobile phones.  Moreover, the millennials are characterized by authenticity and creativity as well as value for their families.

A major practice that is typical to this generation is tattooing and body piercing. According the Pew Research Center (2010), tattoos and body piercings have become the lifestyle of the millennials. The author further states that tattoos have become fashionable for this generation as exhibited by 38 percent of the population. This percentage is far beyond the generation X and the baby boomers at 32 percent and 15 percent respectively. Apart from the body alterations through tattoos, this cohort also use body piercings widely. Nearly 23 percent of this population is known to have piercings on the other parts of their bodies rather than the ear lobe (Keen & Handrich, 2010). The utilization of tattoos and body piercings by the millennials creates a sense of identity and helps them stay connected to the special events in their lives. Elmore (2014) states that the tattoos and body piercings enable the millennials to have a sense of external identity. The author argues that the transition of this age bracket from childhood through adolescence to adulthood has always been challenging. With the increase in the popularity of body piercings and tattoos, the millennial cohort is capable of marking their identity externally, thus distinguish themselves from the other generations. While all the other age group have tattoos and body piercings, the millennials are the leaders in this lifestyle with more than two tattoos and body piercings per individual. Tattoos are considered as marks of identity that allow the millennials to express who they are through the use of permanent ink…

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