Technology Impacts How We Consume

Technology has impacted the way people make shopping and service decisions. Internet shopping and service is a common occurrence for many people, but technology is changing the way we make decisions about purchases and servicing. There are numerous ways that companies and organizations use new technology to service consumers and help make purchasing/services more convenient. Search the Internet for what technologies are being used to make this process easier for both the consumer and the organizations to service  their products. Write a minimum two (2)  page research paper that identifies some of the different strategies that are used to service the consumer.  Select an organization like a bank, a grocery store, a department store, a school, a state government, a county government, a manufacturing company, a service organization, etc. and then describe their use of technology.

Some suggested topics for the discussion of the organization selected are:

            Processing business data                                           

            Interfacing with the customers                                  

            Services provided to the customer    

            Interfacing with other supporting organization

            Handling product inventories

            Service registration Include more than 1 of the topics in the discussion.   Also describe how the organization handled these topics before technology arrived.

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