TEXT & IMAGE ANALYSIS: Content & Discourse

TEXT & IMAGE ANALYSIS: Content & Discourse

The source for this assignment should be from text, images or both. The analysis can be data-driven or theory-driven. It can be taken from 10 websites or approximately 50 pictures. The websites or pictures must be related to tourism.

In this assignment, you will first use content analysis to collect and categorise your data

and then a discourse analysis to analyse it so that you can try both techniques. The indicative steps are the following:

Stage 1: Coding. Code your texts and break them down into a content analysis – use an

Excel sheet to describe the content (the categories, potential subcategories and the number of instances in which you encounter them).

Stage 2: Analyse what you found. Describe the major representations found in your

content analysis and discuss the message of the representations. These questions should be answered in your analysis:

• What is shown/described and why? (Landscapes, products, feelings, objects?)

• Who is represented/described (actors)? What are they doing, how do they look, what are their social roles? Where is the information placed? Is it easy to find? Is it


• What/who is left out/missing? (What could have been present?)

• What is the main target group? (Based on the material and not on your opinion)

• What are the potential conflicts/power imbalances reproduced through the analysed material?

• What is the dominant discourse in the material? – are there any counter-discourses?

Stage 3: Reporting. Write a report on your content and discourse analysis and how you

went about conducting your assignment step by step. Remember that the more detailed you are with your steps, the more reliable your procedure gets. Describe the selection of material and the results of your analysis. You should write at least 1500 words (about three pages) of written text (Word document) describing, summarising and discussing the analysis and another Excel sheet showing the content analysis.

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