The Boston City Hall

write a 4 – 6 page paper about the building.  Who designed the building?  How does the building fit in to the designer’s larger body of work.   When was the building designed and how does it reflect the cultural context at that time?   Why is the building or project notable? What are the most interesting elements, concepts, and or ideas in the building or project?  Why is it good or not good?  Why are you interested in the building and how will you use ideas from the building or project in your own design work?
The questions above are to get you thinking; you do not need to answer each of them.  Rather you are asked to develop what you feel are the relevant issues and to write clearly and critically about the building or project.  You should develop an effective argument.  Develop your argument both from your own point of view and in terms of the ideas discussed in class and in class readings.  Papers will be evaluated for the interest and clarity of your argument, the correctness of your references, and the quality of your writing. 
The paper must be printed, double spaced, on standard 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper.  Include images of any plans or photographs that you need to refer to in your writing, but visual material is not necessary and should not be counted as part of the paper in terms of length.  Please staple the pages of your paper together and do not use binders or plastic covers…

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