The Character of Joseph/Yusuf in the Bible and Quran.

Idea is compare the character of Joseph ( Yusuf ) in both the old testament and the Quran- how is he treated / depicted differently?

write a one paper about it has title, purpose, main points/ preliminary thesis.

The story of Joseph/Yusuf has the longest and continuous narrative in the Bible and also the largest lengthy story in the Quran. It has been interpreted serving as a constant reservoir of divine meaning for diverse philosophies and religions. Joseph/Yusuf character remains influential to both Islamic and Christian faith. In the whole series of the story of Yusuf/Joseph as presented in both books, Hebrew Bible and Quran, since his youth to his death, he has a different personality. However, each interpretation has profound implication and spiritual message.

In the Quran, the entire chapter with one hundred and eleven verses talks about the story of Yusuf, and it is considered to be one of the longest Sura. According to Islamic belief, there exist twenty-five diviners and among them is Yusuf; Islam treats him like a prophet. Contrary to this, the Bible labels Joseph as an ancestor and not a prophet, an upright creature whom Christians view as an example to learn from his behaviors. The Quran describes Yusuf…

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