I. Give a brief overview of your group’s company/marketer and their current situation.

a. Describe the basic business, including the mix of products/services being offered.

b. Include some strong and weak parts of the company/marketer.

c. Include some key trends in the industry or marketing environment (external to the company). * See exhibit 3.5 for ideas/examples (and address each aspect). – I have attached a pdf file for exhibit 3.5 from book.

II. Identify/profile the company/marketer’s primary target markets (including different segments) and how the company/marketer positions its brand(s) (i.e., what image it wants each brand to have in the minds of the target market customers).

 III. Based on your early findings, identify some key marketing issues (e.g., challenges or opportunities) facing the company/marketer and some possible marketing strategies that could be used to improve success (given those challenges/opportunities)

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