The Declaration of Independence

The document by Thomas Jefferson should have been separated into various sections that would have improved the understanding of the message. The first paragraph of the text would be the introduction because it highlights the nature’s law that dictates the right for respect to everyone’s opinion. Secondly, there would be the preface where there is a description of the government philosophy that gives justification for a revolution when rights are violated. The third section is the attributions that outline the various annexation and injuries inflicted by the Great Britain’s King George III. Fourthly, the justification part that presents the reasons warranting their need to free themselves from the British. Fifth, the conclusion in which the signers restate their position concerning the requirement for the Colonies to form their nation. Lastly, would be the signatures.

The introduction aims to explain the natural law that provides a basis for the presented arguments. The paragraph explains that God and the nature law permit the dissolving of political bands when people have sufficient causes to separate (Wood, 1998). The preface serves to give an insight regarding the human rights philosophies and conditions that necessitate the formation of a new leadership. The attribution section highlights the several wrongs done by King George III that have exhausted the Colonies’ patience. The aim of the justification part is to provide evidence concerning the suggestions that the Colonies have been giving to King George III that he did not consider. The conclusion is meant to reiterate the views of the signers of the document and the signature section binds the people that came up with the text.

One of the primary arguments of the signers is that the people’s voice should matter in a nation. They are of the view that if a government does not decently respect people’s opinions, then they have the right to political independence (Wood, 1998). The perspective is accurate because every human being should have the freedom to speak out and be heard. The other argument is that everyone is created equally and has the right to liberty, life, and happiness. I am in agreement with the statement because individuals have a duty to ensure that they pursue their life’s joys and protect themselves from abuses. Additionally, when people feel oppressed by a particular regime, they have the right to leave and compose their government. The Colonies were justified to develop their nation because of the injustices inflicted by the British and the ignorance to the grievances…..

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