The effectiveness of Psychotherapy in Treatment of Bipolar Disorder in Adults as Compared to Pharmacotherapy

Bipolar disorder is a highly impactful condition that is defined with psychosocial dysfunction as well as a socioeconomic effect on the individual and the community at large (Geddes & Miklowitz, 2013). A person diagnosed with bipolar disorder spends a considerable amount of time in a depressed state or experiencing maniac as well as hyper-maniac episodes. Chang and Ha (2011) note that, considering the current prevalence of the condition in the population globally, there is a need for effective management of bipolar disorder using the available treatment approaches. Several approaches can be used to manage bipolar disorder one effectively. This essay explores the effectiveness of non-pharmacological treatment options for the disease, relative to the pharmacological options available. 

The essay begins with a provision of background information to the problem; exploring available knowledge on non-pharmacological treatment of bipolar disorder, outlining the local research conducted and outlining the existing knowledge gaps and areas in the literature that should be bridged in the literature review. Based on the PICO framework, research question and specific objectives to the study are developed. The essay also features the methodology used to answer the research question, findings from the survey, a comprehensive discussion of the literature findings and a conclusion…

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