The Effects of Climate Change on Health

Project type: review of essential topic

Project topic: The effects of climate change on healthThis week you must finalize your project topic and submit a title, 200-300 word abstract, and list of at least 12 scholarly sources. By the end of the quarter, the abstract will summarize the contents of your video. In week 4, the abstract summarizes your topic and what you plan to have in your video and the following points: 1. How global disruption impacts this topic and how this topic impacts global disruption,  2. how this topic utilizes IT or how it could benefit from IT, and  3. how this topic impacts human well-being and how human well-being impacts this topic. Your summary must include scholarly sources that relate to your project. Scholarly sources are academic articles, books, data sets, etc., but not wikipedia articles, Facebook pages, etc. Good places to find scholarly sources include Kates’ Sustainability Science ReaderLinks to an external site.Google ScholarLinks to an external site. and your university library

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