The Epic of Gilgamesh

For this assignment you will need to read The Gilgamesh Epic. Fortunately their are several versions to be found online. For example, you might want to first take advantage of a summary And then read through a translation of the twelve tablets containing perhaps the oldest written story on planet Earth. Despite its antiquity, does it still resonate with human concerns and existential anxieties, hopes, or desires? Once you have read it, come back here and post your thoughts and observations. The important thing I am asking you to do is to engage in this story and show some thoughtful reflection on a very ancient story.

The epic narrative is about a King of Uruk named Gilgamesh who was two-thirds god, one-third human, wise, physically robust, and beautiful. At first he was cruel, but eventually, he changes after becoming friends with Enkidu, a magnificent man who was created by the gods after they heard the people’s pleas of oppression. They went many adventures together, but later Enkidu died. Sorrow makes the King visit Utnapishtim to search for immortality. Utnapishtim gives him a plant that restores youth, but a serpent steals it. The king goes back empty handed but reconciles with his mortality. The story portrays human concerns and existential desires, anxieties, and hopes of earthly things. The king wanted immortality, thus, went a long journey with many challenges to finding the person who could give immortality. He was not satisfied with wisdom, strength, and authority since he had wanted more. Similarly, people nowadays are greedy and want more of wealth and money. They even oppress others to gain more money. They do not appreciate what they have and people who are in their life because they are busy chasing their desires…

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