The Epic of Gilgamesh

For this assignment you will need to read The Gilgamesh Epic. Fortunately their are several versions to be found online. For example, you might want to first take advantage of a summary And then read through a translation of the twelve tablets containing perhaps the oldest written story on planet Earth. Despite its antiquity, does it still resonate with human concerns and existential anxieties, hopes, or desires? Once you have read it, come back here and post your thoughts and observations. The important thing I am asking you to do is to engage in this story and show some thoughtful reflection on a very ancient story.

The world today is marked with a strong phase of humanity that describes every single aspect in the world. Without humanity, the world would not be vibrant with many opinions, religions, troubles, miseries, and pain. The Epic of Gilgamesh depicts the foundation upon which the modern world is built. The story comprises sex, war, conflict of opinions, monsters, gods, and adventures which in their essence are the same as observed in the modern world.             One aspect that struck me about The Epic of Gilgamesh was the development and presentation of the idea of friendship. Gilgamesh is described as an extraordinary person, who cannot be compared to humanity. Many will argue that such greatness and perfection cannot fall short of anything in the word. However, Gilgamesh is in deep need of someone who can understand him and stand by him. He needs a friend, who can connect with him deeply and care about his worries. After the episodes of Gilgamesh extreme arrogance and selfishness, the gods make another human being, who is uncivilized. The main idea behind this creation is to help curb the arrogance of Gilgamesh and save humanity from pain…

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