The Expansion of Technology in Business and Economy

Research Paper roughly 8-10 pages in length (2000-2500 words). Address it from three perspectives: 1) the technical “nuts and bolts” of the topic (technology as knowledge); 2) the effect of the subject of your paper on society (technology as a social force–that is how technology shaped society); and 3) how the society, politics, and culture in which it emerged and/or existed shaped it (technology as a social product–that is how society shaped technology). Consult at least five scholarly sources in addition to the textbooks for this course. Books and scholarly articles from academic journals are strongly preferred, and you are encouraged to consult primary sources. Encyclopedias, print or online, do not qualify for this requirement, nor do the vast majority of websites. Be sure to footnote your paper, document your sources, provide a full bibliography, and adhere to other expected standards for academic work. You must supply footnotes for key pieces of information and ideas other than your own. Your instructor will grade your paper based on the quality of your research, your paper’s content and organization, your insight and analysis, and finally your writing style and presentation. A brief (1-page) summary of your paper or project along with your bibliography (list of sources). This should consist of a one-paragraph overview of your topic, followed by a discussion of

what you consider the most interesting aspects of your topic.

Basics: Title, introduction, name on title page, conclusion

Research: Clear focus on digital technology advances in recent history and supply chain business advances.

Clarity: Logical presentation of material

Quality: Creative application of supply chain principles and digital technological advances for business and economy.

Professionalism: Written in professional business style.

Overall: Done well, easy to read, makes sense, informative, coverage of material.

Citations: Reference material throughout with page numbers for direct quotes.


The Expansion of Technology in Business and Economy. I plan to explore the progression of digital technology and how it relates to business.


Society and technology are two inseparable aspects in the modern century. The two aspects are co-dependent of each other, in that society provides the environment where technology can thrive while society depends on technology in the improvement of the lives of the people. For example, mechanization of agriculture, enhancement of communication due to the discovery of mobile phones to replace old means of communication and improvement of transportation are all attributed to technology. The business sector is the specialty that has benefited most with technology, especially with the recent adoption of globalization and internationalization of markets. Technology is utilized, in the day to day aspects of human life, bringing to the conclusion that society has a significant reliance on technology. The demands and needs of technology keep rising with time as businesses rely on technology to foster communication, to enhance business activities and to improve the general well-being of the society. It is true that any advancement in technology has consequential side effects.

Although society has benefited from technology in many aspects, it is also evident that technological advancement has resulted in negative effects on the environment (ITEA 4).  For example, the rising number of people owning small and portable laptops, raises a question of determining the place where the old desktop computers are disposed. It is a without any doubt that they are disposed in the environment, leading to pollution and consequently global warming and climate change. The negative effect of technology has been attributed to its poor application and lack of knowledge regarding their disposal. It thus calls for effective application of technology. One of the proposed ways of dealing with problems caused by technology is to determine what the future holds, the requirement and the type of technology required. It has been a big challenge considering the rate at which technology is spurring, leading to an almost impossible notion of gauging how technology will impact people’s lives in the coming century. The methods of application determine the extent to which technology will harm the society, hence the ways in which technology is applied to determine the positive and negative implications to the society it host. It is difficult to differentiate knowledge and innovation as innovation requires an accumulation of knowledge for creativity to thrive. Therefore, technology is knowledge that has a social output in the society. Society has shaped technology in a variety of ways.

 An example is the global society where technology has been used as a tool for integration among neighboring countries to facilitate global business and trade. It is a positive appreciation of technology from the global society that it has enabled it to be adopted globally.  Similarly, society is the determining factor for the continuous adoption of new technologies. Therefore, as technology has changed the society, the society has consequently shaped technology.  Society and technology enjoy a symbiotic relationship where existence of one is determined by the co-cyclic dependence on the other.

Technology as Knowledge

According to Herschbach (1995), technology is regarded as a collection of knowledge applied for practical reasons. Technology is a constituent of knowledge as all technologies, regardless of the specialty of application is believed to have originated from human knowledge. It is without a doubt that any technological advancement results from human discovery. The wheel was discovered by a man, and it is through the knowledge that the earliest scientists realized that the wheel could be transformed into a vehicle. Any technological advancement traces its origin from human knowledge….

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