The Film Makers Attempt To Demonstrate The Connection Between Racial Micro Aggre

The question is based off of the movie “Dear White People”This may help for guidance on what the movie is about: film makers attempt to demonstrate the connection between racial micro-aggressions and macro-aggressions in a particular setting (college campus) with a particular population (students and administrators). However, the causal order of these racial projects may be unclear. In 250 words, discuss an example of each and argue your perspective regarding whether or not the micro-aggressions lead to macro-aggressions, or the other way around. In other words, does structure cause individual behavior, or does individual behavior shape the structural environment? (*think Blumer?)The short essay word count limit and requirement is 250 words. The students will include a word count at the end of the essay to demonstrate that they are following the guidelines of the assignment.

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