The Fortune Teller by Machado De Assis

Write an interpretive analysis of any element, character, theme, or symbolism of the “Machado De Assis – The Fortune Teller” story, and write a strong essay, which is both focused and fully developed, which use direst quotation from the work for discussion and textual support. You might choose to analyze and discuss, for example, the significance of the title. Remember: be interpretive; don’t merely summarize. Quote from the novel, story, or poetry quite often. Research in the form of secondary sources is not required for this assignment, but if you choose to include any research, cite these college-worthy sources both textually and bibliographically, using the MLA method.

Machado De Assis is one of the greatest writers in Brazil and is the author of many short stories in different genres. Most of his stories are heavy with symbolism and realism, which entice his readers.  Expert literalists claim that the over 200 produced novels make Machado a master in Western narratives. The author was born in 1839 to a Portuguese mother and a Mulatto father with humble backgrounds. Machado had a stammered speech, was an epileptic while he grew up, and experienced a hard time fitting into society. Later on in life, he landed a job as a printer’s apprentice, which exposed him to various established writers. The writers then helped Machado publish his first literary pieces. The essay below will focus on one of his short stories entitled ‘The Fortune Teller’ and will analyze the element of symbolism. The symbolism provides a deeper understanding of the story.

‘The Fortune Teller’ is a lovers’ tale that ends in tragedy. It tells the story of two lovers, Camillo, and Rita, who fall in love after Rita’s husband, introduces them to each other. Camillo and Rita’s husband, whose name is Villela, have been great friends since childhood. Camillo had once helped Villela out of a bad situation by assisting him to find a new home. When Villela marries Rita, he cannot wait to introduce her to his great friend. However, his wife’s beauty intrigues his friend, and an affair arises. The constant fear of Villela finding out about the secret affair terrifies the two and hence, they seek the counsel of a fortune-teller, who assures them of their safety. It is clear that the fortune-teller’s prediction is wrong when Villela murders his wife and her lover (Assis, Albuquerque and Netto). As mentioned earlier, Machado uses a lot of symbolism in the story. By definition, symbolism is the use of objects, places, and names to refer to an idea that the author wishes not to say directly. A list of symbolism used by Machado includes the title, the empty streets, Rita’s age, serpent, Villela’s letter, opaque veil, the dark staircase and the meeting of the heaven and the waters (Assis, Albuquerque and Netto)….

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