The King’s Speech

You’re writing a Rhetorical Analysis essay on a movie you watch. Rhetorical analysis means:

 1. Evaluate the Ethos, Pathos and Logos you see the movie employs.

2. Point out logical fallacies, if any.

3. Consider (Refer to QUICK GUIDE FOR PASSAGE ANALYSIS): a. Diction b. Syntax c. Figures of Speech d. Tone

 4. Remember that you are always always always answering the question: “What is this that I notice doing in the movie?” For example, if the movie uses flashbacks and flash-forwards, then it’s not a linear narrative. Why? What’s the purpose of that Figure of Speech element? Is it creating confusion? For what purpose? To keep the reader guessing? Why? So the reader can be interested?

 Ethos, pathos and logos are elements that can be identified in The King’s Speech movie. The King’s Speech is a movie based on the story of an upcoming king, King George VI, to the throne after his father passed away and his older brother resigns. Ethos, pathos and logos can connect to the appeal of the audience in order to move, convince, and persuade.

The King’s Speech had difficulty ethos, but it was to show even an offspring of a king, soon to take the throne, has difficulties like all other people in the lower social class. The ethos moves the audience in a way of not to quit even in the most difficult tasks, convinces them on the aspects of the king and challenges they have to deal with, and persuades on the issue of never giving up. In the movie, pathos were often used, which were mostly sad, but some have aspects of happiness. The King was mad most of…

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