The Nova Scotia Lifeguard Service (NSLS) Vacancies


Company Description

The NSLS is a lifeguard company located in Canada and running in Nova Scotia shore. It has managed many Nova Scotian beaches since 1972 with skilled and well-trained lifeguards with a purpose of supplying lifesaver supervision to the public. As a corporation, we have accomplished many rescues and involvements, and we have maintained little occurrences. We are seeking to recruit an experienced and motivated lifeguard, with two to three years’ experience in swimming skills.

Job Description

The person will be required to create safe surroundings where the public can enjoy swimming and surfing without fear of accidents. The candidate will watch out for individuals indulging in entertaining events on the beach. In the case of a calamity, he or she is accountable for execution lifesaving actions such as recovery and first aid. The lifeguard will also offer swimming training to learners and kids. The person will take a headcount of individuals swimming and ensure their safety by calling them out in case they have been in the water for too long…

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