The Reformation

Compose a 750-1000 word paper, double-spaced, in a standard 12-point font) based on the following criteria:

  • Chose one figure, movement, or doctrine from the following list: Justin Martyr, Tertullian, Augustine, Origen, the Council of Nicea (325), Athanasius, Cappadocian Fathers, Leo the Great, the Council of Constantinople (680-81), Athanasian Creed, Benedict, Monasticism, Anselm, Peter Abelard, John Tauler, Catherine of Siena, Jan Hus, Desiderius Erasmus.
  • In 500-750 words, examine the major thought, controversy, or contribution to the Christian history of the figure, movement, or doctrine.
  • In 250-500 words, reflect on your own faith or religious journey. Was this figure, movement, or doctrine ever discussed or considered? How has this figure, movement, or doctrine made you think differently or more clearly about the Christian faith?
  • Draw your evidence from your readings in Lane, Bingham, or other assigned readings. No outside sources need to be used. If they are used, you must cite the use of these sources. 

All sources (utilized for ideas, as well as for direct quotes) must be cited properly; plagiarism is considered an academic offense, which carries serious academic consequences. (See various Regent University resources for explanation and clarification regarding plagiarism and how best to avoid it.) Be sure to cite the information you derive from the sources according to the proper style manual.

Carefully check grammar, spelling, and other writing mechanics. Submit the paper as a MS Word document in accordance with syllabus instructions.

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