The Relationship between Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction

Select a customer Service related research topic that may apply to your discipline and to use for your final paper. Create and annotated bibliography. Please use APA format for the cover, page, spacing and citations. Organize your annotated bibliography alphabetically. The annotated bibliography must include a minimum of 10 sources. Each annotation should be one paragraph in length (100-150 words) and written in third person.

The Relationship between Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction

Coelho, P. S., & Henseler, J. (2012). Creating customer loyalty through service customization.

European Journal of Marketing, 331-356.

According to the authors, the impacts of service customization on customer loyalty are less understood despite extensive application of the concept in today’s business world. Hence, Coelho and Henseler (2012) objectify to create a customer service customization model. The authors conduct an intensive literature review, exploring the different stands that scholars hold on services differentiation. Based on the literature review, the study develops hypotheses on the view that all efforts of service differentiation and customization do not necessarily result in customer satisfaction. To ascertain the assumptions, the authors conduct a survey. In their article, the authors document their findings, discussion, and conclusion. The study is critically important in bridging an existing knowledge gap within this field of study.

Giovanis, A., Athanasopoulou, P., & Tsoukatos, E. (2014). The role of service fairness in the service quality-relationship quality-customer loyalty chain; An Empirical Study. Journal of Service Theory and Practice, 744-776.

Customer service is ideally a well-explored field of study. The authors focus on service fairness, a fairly underexploited aspect of customer services. In the introductory part, the authors begin by acknowledging the growing importance of cultivating and maintaining a strong customer relationship, primarily for the sake of competition. Service quality is a general term that describes all aspects that affect customer relationships. According to the authors, quality customer service must be fairly and equally provided. To support their view, the authors conduct an empirical study among customers in a service industry. Findings and discussions on the study indicate that service fairness is an attribute of service quality that should not be ignored in any business environment.

He, Y., Li, W., & Lai, K. K. (2011). Service climate, employee commitment, and customer satisfaction. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 592-607. The significance of service towards customer satisfaction in the hospitality industry cannot be understated…

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