The role of management strategy in PepsiCo prosperity

PepsiCo is among the world’s leading food and beverage companies. The company has four business units around the world operating within, North America, Latin America, Asia, Europe, Middle East, and Africa. PepsiCo has grown from a one man’s invention to a global multimillion dollar enterprise. The company’s road to successes has encountered many setbacks, but it has overcome them by enhancing a more stakeholder oriented business model. The current leadership of the company understands the importance of stakeholders and the essence of effective communication in resolving conflicts. PepsiCo is attracting larger investors despite the furious competition from the rival beverage company Coca-Cola. The company’s performance is credited to the CEO’s efforts to invest in the fast growing snacks business compared to the original beverage business. The management’s focus on consumer health and wellness has created significant growth for the company. Management strategies have transformed the operating model from the traditional centralized business environment into a decentralized and local business. Recent changes in the global retail sector have been handled by the company’s preservation key partnerships with large retail customers as well providing the best services to small store owners. The company’s prosperity is also credited to the investments made in new digital capabilities. The management has embraced social media technology to create new opportunities for manufacturers, consumers, retailers and shoppers.

            Keywords: PepsiCo, management, stakeholders, snacks, health and wellness, retail, digital capabilities.

The Role of Management Strategy in PepsiCo Prosperity     

PepsiCo is among the world’s leading food and beverage companies founded about fifty years ago by the joint venture of two companies, namely, Pepsi-Cola and Frito-Lay Inc. The mission of the company is to provide consumers with delicious, price effective, convenient and complementary foods and beverages (Rothaermel). The company aims at producing foodstuffs suitable for breakfast, lunch and evening treats. In the mission, the company is also geared upon investing in the community where it carries out its operations to achieve long-term sustainability. The company’s vision is to deliver sound financial operations over a long term by integrating sustainability into business strategies and living a positive imprint on the community as well as the environment. The company has its operations in over two….

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