The title Apple Computers the class name Business and Society and the date the paper is about Apple Computers the history the devices that made a name for them and what the company does for society


Apple Inc. is an international organization with headquarters in Cupertino, California (Datamonitor, 2006). The company’s main fields are designing, manufacturing devices and marketing electronic products as well as software, and other IT services. Electronic products include computer hardware and software, portable music players, cell phones and their related accessories and services (Schwartz, 2012). The IT services provided include distribution of digital entertainment content and networking solutions. The primary recognizable electronic products are iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac desktops and notebooks. The iTunes store is an online platform where Apple provides distribution services for music, applications, games, eBooks, videos, television shows, films, and audiobooks (Mittan, 2010). Apple products are available worldwide through support from its website and retail stores around the world. Major company operations are in America, Europe, and Japan with over 92,600 full-time employees and a supplementary 4,400 full-time comparable qualified employees and contractors (Datamonitor, 2006). This paper aims at discussing Apple Computer Inc. with a focus on the company history, company important device products and the company’s contribution to the society.

The History of Apple Inc.

Apple was founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in April 1976 (Datamonitor, 2006). The initial aim of the duo was to develop a simple microcomputer whose target clients were the small business. Jobs and Wozniak produced their first product called Apple 1 in 1977 (Schwartz, 2012). This led to the incorporation of the company as Apple Computer Inc. in 1980 (Datamonitor, 2006). Apple 1 did not receive a good commercial response. However, Apple 2 launched in 1980 was commercially successful (Schwartz, 2012). The growth of the company faced competition in the personal computer market as well as internal management challenges in the early eighties. However, the company grew into a profitable, well-organized technological firm due to the uniqueness of its products (Mittan, 2010). The Apple 2 computer had colored graphics and open architecture that made its features easy to use and had expandable capabilities, hence, beating the competition from Microsoft products. The company progressed to produce Apple 3 which was not successful in the market (Mittan, 2010). In 1984, the company produced the first mouse operated computer called Macintosh. The Macintosh had advanced graphics capabilities and provided an appealing graphical user interface (Wang et al., 2009). With the success of Apple 2 and Macintosh, the company acquired its IPO on seventh September 1984 (Wang et al., 2009)…..

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