The report should contain four main sections :

1. Section 1 : Business background

Explain the background of the selected business clearly and comprehensively,

investigating who they are, what services they provide, what is their market or

target, what are they competitive advantages and how they provide those services.

You may also discuss, using theory, why the services have likely emerged successfully

and accepted by the market.

2. Section 2 : Digital disruption analysis (Impact of the emerging technology)

Provide your deep analysis of the impacts of the emerging technology which disrupts

the current industries by applying the theory comprehensively. You may also predict

the potential digital disruption in future. Explain how the digital disruption

innovation can engage with existing market or even create new market and how

they market their value to the market. Define how best to respond to the challenges

and opportunities that disruption offers.

3. Section 3 : Challenges and opportunities offered by the emerging technology in


Discuss the potential challenges and opportunities of the emerging technology in

future. You may discuss the future trend, development or critical issue of the

artificial intelligence technology


Cognitive Scale is a software company that uses machine intelligence software to offer clients scalable and practical Artificial Intelligence (AI), which can be used to improve businesses through its reliable Cognitive Clouds. The company was founded in 2013, and its headquarters are situated in Austin, Texas (CognitiveScale 2017). The objectives of the company is to offer a wide range of products that include: Cognitive Computing, Cognitive Applications, Dark Data Discovery, Big Data, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science, Machine Intelligence, Readily Actionable Data, Cognitive Insights as a Service, Data Insights, Cognitive Cloud Platform, Artificial Intelligence, AI, and Augmented Intelligence (CognitiveScale 2017). The company offers industry-specific augmented intelligence technologies that can be used in various fields, including healthcare services, financial services, and digital commerce markets. The products from the company are used to emulate and improve the human cognitive functions by facilitating effective interaction between the people and machines. Subsequently, the company has been instrumental in integrating the capabilities offered by humans with those of machines to handle complex issues that emerge in the modern-day business environment (CBInsights 2017).  The company products are centered on the use of AI as the driving force towards transformative change within enterprises and organizations. The technology is built on the company’s Cortex Augmented Intelligence platform, which is employed in engaging and amplifying the product lines to facilitate the clients and other enterprises to increase user engagement, enhance decision making, facilitate self-learning, and self-assuring in business activities. CognitiveScale has over 500 global clients that have successfully implemented and benefited from its AI products. The credibility of the company lies not only on enhancing the businesses, but with its partnership with technology developers and data handlers that include IBM, Microsoft, and Deloitte (CBInsights 2017). The effectiveness and reliability of its services have seen the company being identified in studies and publications such as one of the Fortune’s Top 50 organizations that is leading in the AI Revolution. To facilitate internationalization, the company’s offices are situated in New York, London, and in Hyderabad, India. Various investors have come up to support and fund its objectives, which include Norwest Venture Partners, IBM Watson, Intel Capital, Microsoft Ventures, USAAA, as well as The Westly Group (CognitiveScale 2017).

Augmented Intelligence as a Disruptive Technology Cognitive Scale has established a long history of utilizing the emerging technologies to facilitate the development of innovative products, services, and processes to its clients…

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