The Use of Technology to Foster New Connections and Seek Information and Advice


Information technology today offers tremendous changes that enhance the academic experience by providing easy ways of seeking information, advice, and new connections globally. These technologies include the internet offering direct access to university websites tied to courses and resources. Also, students can access innovations through collaborating, responding, and recording platforms that provide enhanced environments for intellectual pursuit and scholarly interaction. The value of these technologies increases when they serve the educational goals by creating active learners who master the content of their fields of study. Moreover, they enable them to develop models and techniques that make them informed in their professions. The faculty is also an end user of technology through interactions with other educators. Therefore, information technologies have played a huge role in globalization, connection, and information availability. The essay explores how new technologies such as social media, Personal Learning Networks (PLN), and e-mail have fostered new relationships and helped when seeking advice and information.

Ways that New Technology Promotes Connection and Seeking Information

Provision of Better Communication Channels 

New technologies, for instance, e-mail and cell phones have become available and contribute to a connection between people and their friends or families. Today, as opposed to the era of letters, one can quickly send a message to other people with a single click. In fact,  most people prefer digital communication via cell phones and e-mail because it offers a convenient and quick means of talking to people including professionals, parents, and friends. Some of the phones are smartphones that not only send message and chat but also share ideas, find information, and easen doing business via the internet (Schwalbe, 2015). They are convenient because people can carry them everywhere due to their portability…

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