Theologies from World Christian

  1. Critically analyse the characteristics of Christianity from the Global South and the numerous opportunities as well as difficulties that they present to traditional theology, biblical interpretations, mission and pastoral care to the Euro-American Churches.            
  2. What in your view are the main theological challenges confronting Christianity in the World today? Discus in conversation with the works of Philip Jenkins and Lamin Sanneh 
  3.  “Who do you say that I am?” The Jesus of History has One Face. The Resurrected Jesus has many faces across the globe. Discuss
  4. “The stimulus or creative force in making theology is Christian mission…it is Christian mission that most often creates the need for fresh theological activity” (Andrew F. Walls, 2007) Discuss    
  5. Christian Theology in Asia is Inter-religious Dialogue. Critically assess this statement with reference South-Korea, India, China and Japan 
  6. The cross-cultural transmission of the Christian faith has been integral to Church’s survival as well as schisms within Church. Discuss this statement with particular reference to the ongoing theological dialogue on human sexuality  between  the Southern and the Northern Christianity    
  7. African Theologies have their own difficulties, yet a critical study shows that they can make significant contribution to theological discourses in Western Christianity. Discuss
  8. “It is becoming increasingly clear – however unpalatable it may appear to Western Theologians – that the focus of the Christian faith is moving steadily away from Europe and America to new centres in the Third World” (Andrew Walls, 1976, p160) How is this paradigm shift is influencing Universal Church’s politics, ecclesiology and theology?
  9.   “Christianity is a religion intended for and suitable for every race on the face of the globe. Acceptance of it was never intended by its founder to denationalise any people, and is indeed the glory that every race and people may profess and practise it and imprint upon it its own natural characteristics, giving it a peculiartype among themselves without losing any of its virtue” (Holy Johnson, Nigerian Nationalist, 1883-1917). Critically evaluate this statement.   
  10. What do Theologies from the World Christianity teach us about the nature of Christianity and theological debates? 
  11. Latin-American Liberation Theologies  is just an aspiration and desire for utopianism  for “The Poor will always be among them” (Matthew 26:11)” Discuss   
  12. Examine the similarities and differences between African Theology and Black Theology 

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