Tim Cook: the CEO of Apple

Conduct an analysis using the case study criteria that was discussed throughout the reviews of chapters 1 to 13.  Follow suggested format on BlackBoard. Paper should discuss, analyze and provide a conclusion on a CEO of your choice.  You can discuss one CEO or compare several.  You can also analyze any corporation’s CEO from the class textbook, or a corporation listed on NYSE NASDAQ, Dow Jones, S&P 500, Russell 1000 or any index domestic or international.

1.0 Introduction

Tim Cook is the current CEO of Apple Corporation. It is an American multinational corporation with its headquarters in California. The business operations of this company include designing, developing and selling electronics, online products, and services, as well as computer software. The company is listed on NASDAQ. Tim Cook has worked for Apple since 1998 when he joined the company as a vice president with a role of overseeing the worldwide operations (Lazonick et al 2013). He was later promoted to the position overseeing the worldwide operations and sales. Tim Cook took over as the CEO of Apple after Steve Jobs who stepped down in 2011. At the time of his appointment, the company had been already successful. In fact, many people wondered whether Tim could improve the performance of the company. Since becoming the CEO of Apple, Tim has portrayed a high level of experience and competence following his major decisions aimed at improving the operations of the Apple Company through strategies aimed at customer satisfaction. Maintenance of quality products and services to the customers is a key factor in maintaining the market share of the company. The continued technological innovation from the company through the leadership of Tim Cook gives the company a competitive advantage.

2.0 The success of Tim Cook

Tim cook was the first CEO to visit China with an aim of expanding the company’s operation in a more strategic way. China is among the developed nations with a significant current and prospect market for Apple products. The CEO has visited China severally enabling him to examine the operations of the company. He has also been able to meet government officials to negotiate for deals aimed at stabilizing Apple in China. Through the leadership of Tim Cook, the company had increased its revenue by $5.9 billion per quarter. The increase in revenue has been made possible from a deal signed by the CEO with China Mobile to sell iPhone smartphones (Heracleous, 2016). The plan to enter the Chinese market is a corporate level strategy under the management of Tim Cook. China is currently the fastest growing market for the company. The idea of the CEO to take the Chinese market more seriously has proved to be worthwhile. The ability of Tim Cook to forecast the expansion of the Apple Company by venturing the Chinese market is a great success for the company.

Apple Corporation faces a stiff competition in the industry from companies that produce cheaper brands of electronics. Despite this fact, Tim Cook has increased the company’s margin by diversifying products. The increase in profits enables Apple to venture into new markets and have adequate reserves. The range of the company’s products is small. To cater for this shortcoming, Tim Cook decided to introduce new products like the iPad Mini and the iPhone 5c. The introduction of these products has expanded the customer base for the company. The iPad Mini and the iPhone 5c are cheaper compared to other products of the Apple Company. The cheaper range of products enables the company to increase its sale by capturing the medium and low-income earners in the current market. By April 2016, the iPad Mini was ranked as the second most bought brands (Heracleous, 2016). Cook has also extended the reach of the company’s product an act that has improved sales significantly. The alternative products have also helped the company in expanding its operations in the new markets. The new and affordable products help the company to venture into new markets as they are the market entry products….

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