To Be Gay in Black America

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Page 1: Title For ex.: “Girls and Sex Trafficking

Page 1: Abstract One paragraph that summarizes your main points.

Page 2: Introduction Introduce your three sub-points

Pages 3-5: Sub-point 1* For ex.: “The History of Girls and Sex Trafficking”

Pages 6-8: Sub-point 2* For ex.: “U.S. Law and the Sex Trafficking of Girls”

Pages 9-11: Sub-point 3* For ex.: “Girls and International Sex Trafficking”

Page 12: Conclusion Summarize your three sub-points

Page 12-13: References Cite references using APA style

African American continue to make up a significant portion of the gay people in the United States. These special populations also remain to be the most vulnerable to some risks and issues. Being gay among the African American population is surrounded by several conditions. Several governments and private research programs have, however selectively focused on certain aspects of HIV AIDS. However, there are new challenges that are impacting this group every day. While it is approximated that the gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, queers (LGBTQ) and same gender loving community makes up almost 4 percent of the United States total population, this representation is steadily growing (CDC, 2017a). Consequently, the number of gay black people in the American society is rising. However, there are no precise statistics to reflect on this focus group. Based on recent reports and research findings, the gay black populations are currently struggling on a personal and community level at several frontiers. Health is the most addressed, and this extends beyond HIV AIDS. Discrimination, violence, and harassment are among the common social issues that continue to impact the gay population in the United States. Government policing to protect this community and provision of equal opportunities is also a comprehensive set of issues that affect the lives of gay people in Black America. This literature review explores existing research works, periodic reports, and other information sources to draw the image of being gay and black under the three aspects.

Health Issues Among African American Gay People Health comprises of issues on a broader spectrum, ranging from physical to mental health. It is widely observed that the LGBTQ community is highly focused on HIV AIDS statistics as opposed to other health problems that are of equal paramount concern.  However, HIV AIDS remains to be an epidemic in the gay community. According to the Center for Disease Control, African Americans are highly affected by HIV AIDS and other diseases considerably higher than any other ethnic group in the United States. Breaking it down, gay and bisexual men account for most of the HIV diagnoses among the Black American population. The conversation around HIV AIDS among gay black American explores aspects like factors that increase chances of contracting HIV AIDS, living with HIV and prevention challenges. Apart from HIV AIDS, the LGBTQ population is vulnerable to psychological and mental disorders. According to Cochran, Sullivan, and Mays (2003)…

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