Toshiba Adopts Six Sigma

Cases are provided throughout the text to give you a practical application for the theories that are discussed in each chapter. In discussing the case, your primary objective will be to relate the concepts you have learned in the textbook or readings to actual situations you may encounter. In your written case assignments answer the questions in the text following the case. You might also need to present your answers.

Six Sigma a statistical approach was introduced in the 1970s by Bill Smith, an engineer at Motorola’s Management Group (Montgomery & Woodall, 2008). Six Sigma approach aimed at improving process quality by detecting and eliminating defects and decreasing variation in production. Six Sigma is based on the quantity of the different processes using statistical procedure control. Toshiba implemented Six Sigma after discovering that the company was losing momentum. Six Sigma, therefore, was a combined effort between the Toshiba’s clients, suppliers, and investors. Six Sigma remains an important tool that involves customer and staff in a culture of continuous progress.

The general lack of control at Toshiba was attributed to the failure of the company to track its performance on a timely basis. Also, it failed to identify and examine weaknesses in its industrial developments and hence could not find solutions. This approach gives Toshiba the opportunity to take action before system failure. In this case, the managers are the primarily responsible for observing the companies production. They should detect the minimum levels of dimensional value. Toshiba managers need to be part of the general quality process such that they can evaluate how well the firm was doing. Additionally, managers need to assess and manage products and outline a structured approach with a view to avoiding recurring issues. Toshiba instituted the Six Sigma approach with the intention of improving its production (Reosekar & Pohekar, 2014). The company began by accessing its overall performance…

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