Training Plan and Area of Focus Guidelines

Write a report in which you discuss how you will approach training the Mobile Division management team and communicating the new guidelines to existing employees. Writer Must refer this paper guide and Must include following:

(1) Training Plan: Communication

(2) Training Plan: Collaboration

(3) Training Plan: Method(s)

(4) Specific Guidelines: Identify the key steps of your framework for creating successful communications in your chosen area of focus.

Keep in mind the various audiences that need the information. Remember that your guidelines need to be detailed for the management team to follow, clear for your colleagues to understand, and accurate to ensure that the resulting communications are successful. Discuss how you will approach training the Mobile Division management team and communicating the new guidelines for communication to them

Corporate communication entails the approaches implemented by an organization to enhance the internal and external flow of information. Communication is an integral part of doing business and creating relationships, as well as collaborations (Argenti, 2013). Similar to other corporate functions, communication strategies are influenced by time and resources available in the organization. The teams responsible for developing these strategies have to learn how to cope with the demand for information by ensuring that the most appropriate approaches are implemented. When the team knows what they should be focusing on, it becomes easier to handle the situation or explain the challenges to managers and other stakeholders. The corporate communication strategies should be in line with the business goals of the company (Balmer & Illia, 2012). In this perspective, it is important for BoldFlash to implement a training plan that will enhance communication in internal business processes, the product installation documentation, and technical service communication. Increasing efficiency in the company requires a training plan that will enlighten the workforce on the efficient flow of information in these sectors.

A training program is a form of working document that allows the trainees to receive the required content to alleviate the challenges at hand and encourage productivity in the sector (Bolkan, Goodboy, & Kelsey, 2015). A strategic approach to training requires objectives to be set and described to the participants. In this context, the training requirements should address the time-framework necessary to cover various stakeholders and align communication in the organization. Training can be carried out in the job environment or elsewhere. Nevertheless, for BoldFlash, on-job training provides the best experience as workers can implement what they learn immediately and it encourages self-development. The mode of delivery during the training is also an important factor to be considered. In the case of BoldFlash, the information should be simple to appeal to the workers, managers, and external stakeholders. Suggestively, presentations should be supported by visuals and practical undertakings that facilitate explain and understanding of content. BoldFlash has a variety of workers who have different competencies. For instance, the people working in management, sales, and manufacturing have different background knowledge about the business. Therefore, the training should consider these disparities and offer information that is personalized to each to help them increase productivity and organizational performance. Fundamentally, before commencing the training plan, the team should identify the persons responsible for the appraisal of different levels of competency in the organization. The team should be proactive to handle any other requirement that might emerge during the training….

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