TransContinental Hotels Plc versus RoomsGlobal Ltd


Formal report with executive summary 


As top management representatives having taken part in an initial negotiation session for your company, write a formal report addressed to the board of your company where you provide an account of the negotiations between TransContinental Hotels Group Plc and RoomsGlobal Ltd. 

The report should have a separate title page with ‘header’ information, then start with an Executive summary, followed by an Introduction section, outlining the background and context for the negotiations, a Discussion section (with sub-sections on various issues), where the main aspects dealt with in the negotiation meeting are presented, as well as a combined Conclusions and recommendations section, where further steps in the process are indicated. 

 Length, including executive summary (which should be approx. 10% of total number of words):

Lenght: 1050 words

You are going to write for RoomsGlobal (team B à information about this under “Position sheet: RoomsGlobal Ltd (= TEAM B)”). I have added some information about both Transcontinental and Roomsglobal so its easier to provide information about the negotiation (read this carefully). I would like the discussion section to have the sub-sections:

  • The form of business cooperation 
  • Financial issues
  • Staff and management issues



Negotiation case: general background

TransContinental Hotels Plc versus RoomsGlobal Ltd


The sharing economy has created a new dynamics in the hotel industry, by which traditional hotel chains are faced with increased competition from online accommodation start-ups such as AirBnB, LoveHomeSwap, onefinestay, etc.



The case concerns negotiations between TransContinental, a large international hotel chain with some 4,900 hotels worldwide, based in London UK, and RoomsGlobal, one of the start-ups that offer online accommodation services, based in Edinburgh, UK.

You are expected to hold two meetings, an internal team meeting where you discuss the strategy for your company and your position in the negotiations, and the actual negotiation meeting with the other party.

The common aim of the two sides is to achieve (or at least discuss the possibility for) a corporate integration of the two companies, which both sides consider mutually beneficial. Major points of the discussion should be the possible alternatives for a tight or loose integration with the other party.



You will be a group of executives in your company; this includes the individual roles of CEO, CFO and Global Human Resources Manager. Each group to be filmed will consist of a Team A (= TransContinental) and a Team B (= RoomsGlobal), with 3 (or 2) students making up each team. The teams and groups will be formed on Day 2, and position sheets for each team will be handed out then. There will not be individual role sheets, so think through all three roles in advance.

Links to background information

Inspirational video:

Tech start-ups waiting ‘way too long’ for IPO:

Why the titans of the ‘sharing economy’ are shunning IPOs

Oral portfolio assignment 1  

Position sheet: TransContinental Hotels Group Plc (= TEAM A)

TransContinental Hotels Group Plc is a chain that for many years has had a strong presence in both Europe and Asia (mainly China). By now, it has a loyalty programme with millions of members, most of whom are businesspeople. 

There is, however, clearly a potential for increased revenue by taking a larger share of the holiday market and adventurous travellers.  This has also become necessary for financial reasons.  The company was hard hit by the financial crisis and the subsequent decrease in business travel. In addition, the previous CEO and board did not take this situation seriously until it was almost too late.  Cost-cutting on all fronts as well as development of new market segments are therefore still very much on the agenda in order to keep the shareholders happy. Recent suggestions from the new board include relocating the company headquarters to somewhere less expensive than London and to replace older staff members with younger ones who are better positioned to identify new trends…

Oral portfolio assignment 1

Position sheet: RoomsGlobal Ltd (= TEAM B)

RoomsGlobal Ltd is a family-owned and -operated company which is headquartered in Edinburgh, a city with a probusiness atmosphere, offering very good tax incentives to new companies willing to relocate to the area.

The company has been in business for a couple of years and has so far focused mainly on the European market. However, more and more of your customers would also like to rent such accommodation in Asia. In order to meet this demand, and also to grow the business more generally, you are considering expanding your services to new geographical markets and customer segments. 

You are particularly keen to gain access to the membership network in the loyalty programme of a large and successful hotel chain such as TransContinental. This is a company you are not very familiar with, but which you know has a number of hotels in Asia…

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