Tutorial Leadership

Part One

Title: Short Essays

Due Date: 5pm Friday -­‐ Week 4, Week 7, Week 10.

Assessment Value: Worth 40% of final mark for the unit (10% for short essay 1, 15% each for short essays 2 and 3).

Length: Short Essay #1: minimum 500 words.

Short Essay #2: minimum 750 words

Short Essay #3: minimum 1,000 words


Write a short essay in weeks 4, 7 and 10 (3 in total). Each short essay should be a critical discussion/summary based on the lecture and readings for the previous weeks. Each submission should:

  • contain an introductory paragraph including a proposition/thesis statement
  • define, from the readings/lecture, a key concept in your own words using at least one example from the media and another text
  • introduce 3-­‐5 key points which relate to the proposition with examples and references
  • use correct referencing (both in-­‐text and end-­‐text)

* you must include additional references to the set readings.

Assessment criteria/Marking key:


  • Proposition/Thesis statement clearly stated and argued.
  • Clear understanding of the main ideas in the text
  • Some critical engagement with the ideas presented


  • Correct referencing including paraphrasing of ideas
  • Clearly written expression (including spelling, paragraphs, connectives)


  • Set readings
  • Independent research

Learning outcomes from the unit outline:

  • Discuss the interactions between media and their social and cultural contexts.
  • Discuss the concepts of the individual, ideology and the social subject.


This assessment is designed to encourage you to:

  • engage in reading the set texts;
  • attend tutorials and to engage in group interaction;
  • develop an understanding of contemporary theories of communication and media as presented in the reading;
  • apply theoretic concepts to selected media examples;
  • facilitate effective reading and note taking practices
  • develop skills in clear, concise written expression;
  • use correct referencing conventions, as outlined in the ECU Referencing Guide (available from the ECU Bookshop or on-­‐line).

Part Two

Title: Tutorial Leadership (Group Presentation) Due Date:                   Tutorial Weeks 3 -­‐12

Assessment Value: Worth 20% of final mark for the unit (see the Assignment section on the unit’s Blackboard portal for a copy of the marking key).

Length: Presentation: 15 minutes (not including discussion)


In groups of two to three members you will be asked to conduct a tutorial. Your tutor will allocate you a set week. Select an aspect of the topic that you can develop research and discuss. You need to:

  • prepare a short summary of the set readings
  • include at least three additional academic references (journal articles or books) with examples to support the topic of the week.
  • highlight the key points that each author/text is stating.
  • initiate a class discussion and/or activity based on the topic following the presentation.

The oral summary should be presented to class in the following format and should not exceed 15 minutes:

You must follow this format:

  • Title
  • Proposition (argument)
  • Key ideas and concepts (3-­‐4 main points)
  • Present examples to support the ideas…

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