Two Mk Discussions

I need an explanation for this Marketing question to help me study.

There are 2 discussions in total, and the number of words is between 300 and 600. Please keep original. Thank you.

Chapter 2 Discussion

Choose an industry that sells consumer goods, such as the cereal industry. Be sure to state what industry you chose. What are the major segments of that industry? What are the customer motivations by segment? What are the unmet needs?

Chapter 3 Discussion

Choose a company or brand on which to focus. Be sure to state what company/brand you chose.

What industry is it in?

Who are the direct and indirect competitors?

Which (in each category of direct and indirect) are the most relevant competitors?

For those most relevant competitors, analyze them using at least 3 of the 8 elements described in the textbook.

Does the selected company/brand have a competitive advantage over these competitors? If so, do you think the competitive advantage will last?

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