Use of Electronic Games

Survey at least15 people on their use of electronic games; then present the results in a brief report with charts. Your data should reflect such information as types of games, devices used, gender, and time spent.
Note: the description of the assignment in the syllabus represents the basic minimum ("… at least 15 people … such information as …") for a basic (i.e., average) grade — in this case a score of 7 to 8. Also, please note that "tables" of data are not "charts" (e.g., pie, bar, line).

Please submit a Word document (.doc or .docx file) or a PDF into the dropbox. 

This assignment will be graded based on the following:

10 points: excellent analysis with significantly more than the basic (minimum) requirements
9 points: very good analysis with at least a bit more than the basic requirements
8 points: the basic requirements done well
7 points: the basic requirements with errors or missing points
6 points: basic requirements missing or poorly done
5 points: no report no chart, but raw data tables
4 points: simply a list of participants


During the 1970s, video games became a paramount source of entertainment for young people. Currently, such games may be played on relative low requirement technology gaming platforms, including mobile devices (Granic et al. 70). Therefore, this aspect makes games available to individuals who cannot own a personal computer and interactive television. Many people spend a substantial amount of time each week playing the electronic games, often seven hours or more. As a result, such games are selected by many children as the best form of leisure. Both sexes enjoy playing computer games as seen in Table 1. This paper will present information such as time spent when playing electronic games, gender distribution, devices used, and types of games.

Frequency of students who played with time
Hours% of teen gamers% of boy gamers% of girl gamers
1 hour242622
2 hours131510
3 hours684
4 or more hours7113

 Table 1. Frequency of students who played with time

Time Spent Playing Games

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