Using Social Media to Improve Business

Through these uploaded papers, it has to be composed into be research proposal. Therefore, These uploaded files have to be written within its articles that have been chosen to be formed of being research proposal. And so, ironically, the theses upon the uploaded file ought to be matched in the research proposal. This proposal has to be at least ten articles to be composed. Please, the annotated bibliography file and the details theses statements by the other uploaded file should be matched in the proposal form. Reminding, the proposal has to be illustrated in one paragraph only, it has to be coherent within its fewer errors upon garmmatically, and therfore approximately has to be written in about 168 words. And the articles have to be credited from business journals that have been chosen in the files that are uploaded​ ​. please I would like this paper be composed by this writer (ID U267147). 

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The rapid development of social media presents an enormous opportunity for businesses to customize their targeted communication channels and improve their business. Social media provides businesses with access to billions of users (both current and potential clients) across platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Businesses can therefore adapt their message based on their needs to attain objectives such as marketing, creating brand awareness, promotion, and instilling customer loyalty. A question that has perennially come up in the realm of business-social media communication revolves around the effectiveness and impact of the platforms in attaining their set objectives. Simply put, is social media effective in attaining the communication needs of a business and driving prosperity? The research proposal seeks to answer this perpetual question by defining the parameters of success for a business, and measuring the effectiveness of social media in ensuring that the business attains its objectives (increased awareness, interaction with company representatives, sales, and product/service ratings)…

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