Verizon Case Study

Question 1: Resources in Verizon

There are several resources highlighted in the case study that allow Verizon Inc. to have a strong competitive edge over its rivals. The principal resource is the presence of extensive coverage provided from the company’s reception towers, which covers more than 95% of the country. Verizon’s financial power has enabled it to invest in other crucial areas such as wireless high-speed fiber-optic network, which has made it one of the biggest telecommunication firms in USA (Hill & Jones, 2016). Another fundamental resource in Verizon Inc. is a strong customer care system that has an automated software program, which helps the company to analyze the call behaviors of customers and use the data to improve its operations. From independent research, the company has added three other crucial important resources in the past few years, which have helped it compete favorably in the telecommunication industry. In 2015, Verizon acquired AOL and in 2017 to diversify its interests and boost its revenue. Recently, in 2018, the company announced the acquisition of a Spain-based company called Movildata International, a firm that provides fleet management solutions (Burda, 2018). Andres Irlando, the CEO of Verizon suggests that these strategic acquisitions strengthen the company’s market position, enables expansion of the company’s market-leading solutions and services, and accelerates growth.

Question 2: How Verizon Resources Improve its Business Operations

The resources play a crucial role in improving company’s effectiveness, quality, customer responsiveness, and innovation. First, the strong network performance enables the company to improve both the quality and efficiency. While the firm has remarkably low churn rate that indicates most customers are happy with what Verizon offers, certainly, there is a need to improve some aspects of the business (Hill & Jones, 2016). By refining some aspects such as efficiency and quality, Verizon can reduce the number of dropped calls for the customers as well as dead zone space. Strong network performance has also enabled the company to provide the users with high-speed performance and faster downloads (Hill & Jones, 2016). Improving these two aspects has the ability to lure and retain customers from all parts of the country…..

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