Video Critique and Lesson Plans

      Which lesson or lessons are shown in the clip(s)? Identify the lesson(s) by lesson plan number. Describe any changes in the lesson plans for the lessons shown in the clip(s) and the reasons for those changes.

The lessons shown in the clips are literature classes divided into activity-based sections. The change noticed in the lesson plans is the delivery of the course work. In the clips, the delivery is more teacher-based, and more ideas are shared at classroom level than at group level (Lesson Plan 4, 2.05).  The teacher makes use of video clips projected on the board to give students an overview of the lesson and help develop insights on how to handle the concepts in the lesson (Lesson Plan 3, 00.42).

2.   If applicable, provide any additional information (beyond that provided in Planning Task 1) needed to understand the learning environment or interactions seen in each clip.

a.   Identify the district, school, cooperating teacher, or student teaching requirements or expectations (e.g., prescribed reading curriculum) that affect your instructional delivery related to the learning goal described in Planning Task 1.

            The course is an important facet in the present education system. The course is time susceptible and all the A proposed parts of the course are supposed to be done in nine weeks. More importantly, it is structured to manageable segments to assist both leaner and teacher understands the entire aspects of the course. The learning environment which is preferred must be a small group since it helps students share ideas and increase their interaction with the teacher.

b.   If more than one learner appears in a clip, provide information to identify the focus learner (e.g., clothing, position in setting). The focus learner in a class setting is the one that given more attention and allowed to relate strongly with the teacher. In the clip, the focus learner has the white shirt on. His sitting position is closer to the white board to augment his focus (Lesson Plan 3, 9.18)…

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