War Shield

  1. The title of the object, production date, and artist’s name within the body of the paper. Good description of the artwork and media used

A war shield refers to piece of personal armor and it is used for the purpose of intercepting attacks by stopping such projectiles as arrows. Traditionally, it was also used to redirect a hit from battle axe, sword or mace and other similar weapon. The hit was redirected to shield-bearer’s direction.

African Zulu Shield

            An African Zulu shied that stands 105 centimeters tall was crafted by Amoh Jay in 2012 (Tradi”tional Zulu shield”, par 2). The shield has been hand crafted using steel as the main media. The shield is decorated using a knob Kerrie. The art is also composed of two spears. Carved on the shield are four warriors that depict various fighting poses.  The shields made by this jay are decorated in a two colors. One type of the shield is decorated in white and black colors while another similar shield decorated in brown and white colors. The artist, Amoh Jay hails from Botswana which is her native country. After graduating from the university, Jay moved to Portugal where she is currently based.

Jay has been an artist since she was young, creating objects and discovering various mediums and forms of art. She achieved all this by teaching herself. On being introduced into formal art, Jay learned more about paintings in high school. Her creative art business has been inspired by the fact that the world is evolving increasing the possibility of what one could do with advanced technology and a creative mind.

  • What is the Art movement or culture

The Zulu war shield art is derived from the African culture. As t6he artist herself confirms, her creation has been influenced by the events in her community that took place while she grew up. The hand crafted art by Amoh have intrinsic value that is based on African culture and more specifically on the Zulu people. The Zulu people comprise some of the African people that are bast known (Otterbein, 3).  The military exploits of these people led to the rise of a strong kingdom in the southern part of African continent. This kingdom was feared for a long period of time in most parts of the continent…

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