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1you must asress each section outlined above in detail. if we don’t get the impression you have learned the material in this lesson and the required reading . 
2All sections must include detail about what you found and what you’d recommend be done to improve.
3Yu recommendations must be justified based on your own research or information provided as part of this lesson or calss
4 one question one paragraph.

1. Business Objectives and KPIs

The purpose of the website is to serve as an introductory point for many first-time visitors who seek to interact with the company and its brand. The Puma website provides information about the company, its history, its mission and values, and provides a portal to purchase company items through the company’s e-commerce portal. The company measures the effectiveness of the website through a tracking tool that documents sales based on visitor traffic. Puma’s Link:

2. Target Market

The Puma website targets the general public, but is especially attuned to the needs of the modern, internet savvy, sports-oriented consumer aged between 14 and 60. It allows visitors to gather information about the company and products that they seek to purchase, how to contact the company for further explanations, and a checkout process for direct purchases.

 Clyde Core Mid Sneakers from Puma  

 Clyde Core Mid Sneakers from Puma

3. Usability

The layout of the website is simple, the menus are planned logically, and the country picking tool helps to manage the website for geographically dispersed visitors. This allows different users to access the website in their native and national languages. The website is secured using an SSL certificate to ensure that customer details are not lost. However, I found it difficult to go through the checkout process on the e-commerce portal. The payment options are limited to American merchants, while the website serves a global market.

4. Search Engine Optimization

The website is optimized for the google search engine and appears high on their page ranking. According to, the page ranking software, the Puma website is currently ranked as 5601 most visited websites globally. It receives approximately 200,000 page views every day. The main keywords used in the website include its brand name “puma”, “sports”, and “shoes.”

However, the company can improve their optimization through sponsored advertisements that redirect users to their website.

5. Analytics The most important metrics of this website are the “number of visitors per day” to measure awareness of the company and its brands, “traffic sources” to examine where traffic to their website comes from, and “conversion rate” which evaluates the rate at which visitors to the website perform a desired action (King, 2008)…

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