WestJet Airlines

Strategic Direction

Mission Statement

“Providing an extra comfortable, friendly, safe air travel with its high end customer service and enhancing the lives of every WestJetter around the globe.” (WestJet Press)

Vision Statement

“To be regarded as one of the finest and five most successful international air fleet by providing a customer friendly, caring and safe experience that will tend to change the entire air travel experience by 2016.” (WestJet Press)

Value Statement

“At WestJet, corporate responsibility entails providing a safe and friendly experience, having a positive attitude towards everything, respecting all the guests and staff, being honest and fulfil all their commitments and aligning the company’s interest with WestJetters interest.” (WestJet Press)

The mission, values and vision of WestJet airlines is clear and distinct. They petition for the efficient service delivery and provision of a friendly, safe and amazing experience to their customers (Reuters Press). They are geared to respecting their customers and enhancing their lives through the provision of high end client services.

WestJet is one of the World’s quickest developing aircraft and very favored by its neighboring communities, which has turned into a powerhouse in the business (Thomas 25). A superb client administration mixed with the excellent air flight experience has enabled WestJet to extend to 81 urban cities. Its friendly and safe customer services and relations have greatly enhanced the growth of the company.

WestJet makes social investment in the community they subscribe. The company is pleased with the social speculation, we make in the groups and the communities that we serve (Bell, Lindenau and Thomas 36). As a major aspect of WestJet’s societal obligation, its philosophy of caring for the community extend beyond its air-lining services into the community. For instance, in Canada, the company has set up three group venture initiatives…..

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